Young Justice comic #25

I see people are already spoiling but I shall put all of my feelings under a read more cut for your convenience.

Short version: OMG! YAY!

So, like, I started having heart palpitations on the first page. Talk about adorable. Spin the bottle! In my mind, Bruce is like, covertly watching and silently cheers when it lands on Dick. 

And oh gosh, fourteen year old Dick Grayson is a real cutie. Look at this kid!


And I love Artemis and Bette on either side of him. You know this whole thing was Bette’s idea. Actually, we don’t know but I just feel like it probably is, lol. And Artemis is just like “wow, Bette, I wonder if you meant for THAT to happen …”

And what’s up with your pirate shirt? And the way the hair is shaded in the next panel, I was like, what? Who invited Zatanna to the party?

And oh, Dick! You precious bb! Trying to look all suave and charming but you can tell he’s also a little nervous at doing seven minutes in heaven with the lady who won the bottle spin. Excellently drawn panel.


Little cutie! Look at those big blue eyes and ears sticking out! D’aww!

And then we turn the page and they like, fight aliens and shit like that. I dunno. I didn’t really pay attention.

Lol, jk, there was some important stuff. And it was a little choppy and action packed, but I’m far from complaining about this whole beautiful issue. I love Team/League team-ups. Seeing the mentors and proteges work together and with the other heroes … awesome stuff. You can tell the League really respects the team, even though they’re kids. 

Also, important to note, Queen Bee apparently can enthrall women just as easily as men. So, Nightwing, good try, sending a team with just girls to Bialya but it sounds like it probably wouldn’t have mattered.. I wonder if this point is important for the end of the season.. I feel like it wouldn’t have been shown otherwise..

So, they save the day, blah blah blah. Let’s get back to the important stuff.

Like, the game closet and seven minutes in heaven.


I love that this closet they chose is like jam packed with a bunch of nerdy board games! And the detail, all of them have names! I wonder if Chris Jones had to come up with all of them himself or what. But it’s such an awesome and hilarious detail. Do I spot ‘Grapes to Grapes’? Lol!

And finally, we see who is the lady in the closet with our hero!


Was there really any doubt? I love Barbara here! You can just tell she’s trying to get the courage to do it. She’s like, ‘okay, come on, Gordon, you can do this! just lean forward and plant one on him. times ticking, you only get seven minutes to complete the mission …’



Dick is like ‘whut? what do I do? she’s kissing me on the lips! Bruce didn’t tell me what to do next! what ….’



So cute!! Excellently drawn kiss! I melted. 

But this next one is almost better:


Tears of joy. I wish I could just ramble on about how beautiful this is for ever and ever. I mean, Dick is just so amazed (seven minutes in heaven with THE Barbara Gordon AND she kissed him! Being fourteen is awesome!). 

And Babs girl! She just looks so pleased with herself for taking the initiative and look at her, biting her lip like she’s a little nervous about what he’s going to say about her boldness. 

Christopher Jones, you, sir, get ALL of the awards. 

But wait! There’s more!

Back to Team Year Five, after a hard days work of hero-ing…


Dick, I know you’re trying to be all independent, but srsly. Your father is a billionaire. You don’t have to live in such a sketchy area.

But, hold the phone! Who’s that redhead sitting on your doorstep?



Guys, I swear I stared at this for a good five minutes. Then like, five more, at least. I don’t know if I like this one better than the closet-after-kiss scene or not. They’re both so lovely. 

But then we learn that they aren’t really together but he totally loves her but she tells him he’s still too much of a ‘dog’ to be with her yet. But lets spend time together since it your birthday. 

I also like how the lights in the background look like fireworks surrounding them. My only complaint about the art was that there was not nearly enough focus on Dick Grayson’s butt in all the panels where his back or side was to us. I mean, come on! I have needs. xD

And it ends with a ambiguous ‘click’ of the door. 

Hmmm, so, while this was some great shipping material, its still not clear whether they’re actually together or not in the season. 

And, I knew there was going to be something happening between them after the battle. So, I suppose my story, Since Maybe Last Spring, isn’t completely obsolete, as far as canon. Not gonna go back and edit to make it fit though. It can still work. But now I can continue finishing the next part without too much anxiety. I’m happy. 

Also, I know I kind of gave away all the good parts but definitely go out and buy your own so you can stare at the loveliness. Comixology already has it up (obviously) but I’m thinking I might just go in tomorrow and see if I can find a print version. Or ten. 

Alright, goodnight, lovelies! Dream happy Dick/Babs shippy dreams!


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